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Warranty conditions:

1. To keep your warranty validity, during the first 8 days after your date purchase you have to fill and send to VORTICE LATAM the part.
2. The “Part 1″ must be attached, to the appliance when it needs to be returned for service.
3. Warranty is only valid if all details are completed correctly.
4. The warranty is not transferable.
5. Warranty period is not extendable.

Warranty will be voided if:

1. The client does not have a copy of the invoice.
2. The warranty certificate has incomplete or altered information.
3. The warranty period has expired.
4. Products have an altered or removed serial number.
5. Products presenting unauthorized modifications to specifications.
6. Defects resulted from improper installation or without complying with the provisions of the relevant section of the manual installation.
7. Damage caused by transportation.
8. Failures caused by a bad connection to the electricity grid or voltage other than specified for the unit.
9. Products damaged or lost by accidents such as fire, voltage fluctuations, vandalism, water, sand, insects, etc.
10. Products for damage caused by natural conditions such as earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, etc.
11. Defects or damage from improper handling by the customer.
12. Defects caused by failure to follow the warnings and conditions of use, as indicated in the instructions accompanying the product.

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