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Vortice Group

Solutions for Restaurants

With its products, Vortice provides you with a plethora of ventilation solutions for your restoration business.

Punto Filo

The Punto Filo is a wall axial fan with an elegant design and low 17mm front panel profile.

Vort Vento Ceiling fans

The Vort Vento will be sure to keep you and your clients cool in any part of your restaurants, from the dining room to the kitchen.

Metal hand dryers Optimal Range & Dry Dry Range

Vortice provides a wide range of hand dryers, with different colors, wattages, and materials, to fit your business’s needs perfectly.

Premium S Dispenser

A variety of automatic soap dispenser models are available to fit your needs.

Air Door AD

These air doors can be placed at the entrance of restaurants, greatly reducing the entry of cold/warm air into your establishment, saving you huge amounts of money otherwise spent on air conditioning. Air doors are also placed in between the kitchen and dining room, preventing hot air and odors escaping the kitchen.

Thermologika Soleil Plus

This product is used for heating outdoor areas during winter time and is completely weather-proof.

Others Solutions