VortGuard Adventure PRO


Say goodbye to conventional lanterns enjoying portable lighting and insect protection with this 2 in 1 product.

The VortGuard Advnture PRO is a portable device that will go anywhere with you thanks to its long-lasting LT-ION battery and its rainproof design.

With its combined UV-Attraction technologies and the attractive Insect Catcher capsules, Adventure PRO attracts annoying insects in an effective way.

Once attracted they are eliminated by VoltTech, a technology designed with the necessary voltage and amperage for safe and efficient operation.

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Volt tech

High voltage technology with controlled current that removes safely and quickly annoying insects.

batería larga duración

Long autonomy

The Adventure PRO has LT-ION technology, rechargeable battery with USB connection, which allows you to enjoy up to 18 hours of autonomy. *


Thanks to the compact design of the equipment and the LT-ION battery, it brings VortGuard lighting and protection to any location.

heavy duty

Heavy- Duty Design

Product suitable for outdoor use, resistant to rain and shock thanks to its IPX6 degree of protection.

3 levels of luminosity

The VortGuard comes with 3 levels of luminosity so you can adjust it according to your need or taste.

Insect Catcher capsules

The Catcher system, with various diffusion intensities, attracts insects directly to the Adventure PRO, increasing the efficiency of the equipment.

3 modes of operation

Our VortGuard lintern offers you 3 modes of operation. You can choose between lighting with or without mosquito killer or, just the mosquito killer.

LED Technology

The Adventure Pro uses low consumption technology both for the UV-Attraction module and for lighting, giving the user a more efficient solution with long autonomy.

UV- Attraction

UV-Attraction light uses frequencies of the light spectrum that are known to attract a wide range of species of mosquitoes and other insects.

2 in 1

VortGuard gives you an integral solution to illuminate and simultaneously protect any space that requires pest control.

Voltage 5 V, 1A USB
Power Consumption1 W (HIGH Brightness Mode)
Light Tone6500K (White)
Brightness180 Lumens (HIGH Brightness Mode)
Battery Life24 hours (LOW brightness mdoe)
Charging Time4 hours
IP RatingIP X6
UV-Attraction Wavelength365 nm
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