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The VortEssence line for the home and family will bring the experience of a Spa in any environment, be it your house, office, or business. With Sonic Cloud technology, VortEssence nebulizes micro-particles of water, dispersing the aroma throughout the room safely and without the risks that traditional solutions present.

Thanks to its elegant design and its aroma diffusing ability, VortEssence Design will offer you class and exclusivity in any occasion and space.

Benefits of the Sonic Cloud Technology

• Reduces dust particles suspended in the air
• Spreads essential oils rapidly and efficiently
• Nebulizes essential oils without degrading them
• Helps alleviate respiratory problems
• Sonic Cloud, alongside VortCare essential oils, brings the user a chemical-free solution


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Sonic Cloud Aroma Diffuser

The Sonic Cloud ultrasonic technology nebulizes in the air microparticles of water to which you can add the ideal aroma for
every occasion or need, providing you well-being without the use of chemicals or high temperatures present in traditional solutions

Multicolor LED Light

The LED technology, with seven colors and two brightness levels, allows you to choose the ideal tone for each occasion.

Two Intensities

VortEssence Design comes with two operating intensities so you can choose according to your taste.

Hydro-Safe Technology

No more worrying about the water level thanks to the Hydro-Safe technology that protects the Sonic Cloud technology by turning off the equipment in the absence of water.

Chemical free Odor Control

VortEssence eliminates bad smalls and spreads your aroma on a molecular level, free of chemicals, thanks to the Sonic Cloud technology, creating comfortable and charming environments.


VortEssence uses the art and science of aromatherapy to provide balance, health, and energy to the body and mind.

Mosquito repellent

VortEssence, combined with the VortCare Essentials Lavender oil, protects your family from mosquitoes carriers of diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

Child and Pet Friendly

The VortEssence line is a safe alternative to traditional candles and burners thanks to its Sonic Cloud diffuser.

Dimensions (D) 168.5 mm x (H) 215 mm
Input / Output PowerAC100 240 V 50/60 Hz DC24 V 650 mA
Electrical Cord length 175 cm
Electrical Consumption13 W
Timer Modes1H / 3H / 6H / ON
Water Tank Capacity400 ml
Included AccessoriesAdapter, measuring cup
Sonic Cloud Frequency2,4 MHz
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