VortCarpet Dual Clean




Create safe spaces avoiding the spread of infectious agents thanks to VortCarpet Dual Clean, engineered and designed for safe and efficient use in conjunction with disinfectant liquids.

Its first stage, consisting of 3 layers, allows deep cleaning and disinfection in one step.

Layer# 1: Absorbent material with optimal configuration for cleaning, which retains and applies the disinfectant liquid to the sole effectively.

Layer# 2: Non-slip vinyl that creates a secure surface, securing itself to the tray.

Layer# 3: Non-slip container tray that avoids waste and undesirable spills.

Its second stage, made up of an ultra-absorbent microfiber mat, ensures fast and efficient drying, making VortCarpet the safest option on the market, both in terms of disinfection as well as in providing accident-free environments.

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3D Multilayer Construction

Constructed with highly resistant and absorbent olefin that effectively retains and applies the disinfectant liquid to the sole, it is optimal for cleaning and disinfecting footwear in one step.


The tray in combination with the absorbent layer optimizes the use of the disinfectant liquid, avoiding spills.


The non-slip vinyl layer guarantees grip on hard non-porous surfaces, providing safety in its use.

Easy maintenance

The first olefin fiber mat is easily hosed down, while the second microfiber mat can be machine washed, allowing quick and effective cleaning.

DimensionsStage 1: 73 cm x 48 cm
Stage 2: 68.8 cm x 44.8 cm
Stage 1: 120 cm x 80 cm
Stage 2: 112.8 cm x 73.3 cm
Total Weight3.27 Kg9.8 Kg
MaterialsRubber, polyesterRubber, polyester

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