Vort Vento




Vortice offers you the best in Italian engineering with the design innovation of the Vort Vento, a high performance contemporary ceiling fan, an ideal solution for those hot days.

The Vort Vento gives you up to 40% energy savings in summer, as it acts redirecting and circulating the air better throughout the room. This fan has 3 speeds in wall control.


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High Speed

The lubricated motor of the Vort Vento achieves a heavy load, allowing a high speed of the device.

Temperture Distribuition

Thanks to its innovative design Vort Vento distributes the temperature in an equitable manner in the area of ​​use.

Greater Durability

The coating layer of this device protect it from dust and other contaminants, increasing its useful life.

Energy Saving

Save up to 40% of energy thanks to the redirection function which circulates the air throughout the room.

Dimensions 142 cm
Voltage and current120 V/ 0.6 A
Frequency and power consumption60 Hz/ 65 W
Weight5,8 kg
Power Cord150 mm

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