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Let the floral aroma of lavender transport you to the French countryside and add a touch of exclusivity to your spaces as well as give you benefits such as:

• Antibacterial Properties
• Relaxes nervous tension and relieves headaches
• Repels mosquitoes
• Aids relaxation and improves sleep quality
• Improves blood circulation
• Decrease aging with powerful antioxidants

The VortCare line of essential oils is composed of 100% natural oil extracted from specialized plant cultures. The oils are constituted by a plethora of natural compounds, which when used in aromatherapy produce beneficial effects for the body and mind.
Although we recommend the use of VortCare essential oils, we know that it is possible to use generic brands. We advise to be careful about the true purity of these oils, as many of them are diluted with either alcohol, vegetable oil, or synthetic aromatic oil, reducing their purity and thus achieving results contrary to the expected. Therefore, we recommend always checking the label to verify the credibility of the supplier.

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