Extractor Punto Filo LA


The Vortice air extractors help you keep your space free of moisture, gases and polluting fumes. In addition, it will protect the walls and textile products for much longer. This white extractor has 3 different measures, 4 “, 5” and 6 “.

The installation and maintenance are simple, requires only one type of screw. The extractor is virtually silent, thanks to a new impeller that allows very limited noise levels with great performance.



Highly silent

The Punto Filo technology will keep your space free of moisture without the greatest disturbance.

Anti-return damper

This gate allows to completely close the passage of the circulating fluid in one direction, and leave it free in the opposite, achieving greater efficiency.

Quick mount

The extractor has a quick and easy installation, in a matter of minutes you can have the extractor ready for operation.

Protection against water

The extractor has a sharp edge with a degree of protection IPX4 that helps to protect the extractor against excess of water.

ModelV- 60 HzWARPMMax Air FlowMax PressureLp Db (A)* 3 mMax °C
MF 100/ 4"120140.17260090 m³/h39 Pa31,550
MF 120/ 5"120200.252150185 m³/h49 Pa3550
MF 150/ 6"120280.372050335 m³/h54 Pa40,1 40

*Images shown are for illustration purposes only