Ariante Breeze Pro




Ariante Breeze Pro is an optimal solution for hot days. In addition, it has an attractive and modern design and can be operated from its remote control.

The Breeze Pro has a control panel which contains control indicators to show the selected operating mode. The modes of use can be:

  • Normal: The fan operates at the set speed
  • Natural: Speed automatically switches between high and low to create a breeze effect.

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Smart Operating Modes

The night and breeze modes allow you to shape the operation of the Ariante to fit your own tastes, be it when you are resting or during day to day use.


Ariante Acqua Breeze, due to its size and design, is the ideal companion for use in various environments such as offices, homes, restaurants, lobbies and outdoors.


Ariante Acqua Breeze is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional solutions for those looking for a cooler, more comfortable environment.

Three inclinations

For the comfort of the user, the turret can be placed in three different inclinations

Voltage120 V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption40 W
Dimensions95cm x 24cmx 30cm (Largo x Anchox Altura)
Weight6.2 kg
Sound 55 dB

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