Since 1954 VORTICE has been synonymous of design and quality. Since its inception, we have invested in research to improve the efficiency of our products and offer unique solutions. Our motto “Air is Life” is reflected in the effort to offer products that have a positive impact on air quality, its surroundings, and the environment.

VORTICE has achieved leadership in the European market, dedicating its efforts to the design and manufacturing of products for ventilation, air conditioning, heating, extraction, purification, and air treatment, for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

VORTICE Group is made up of VORTICE, VORTICE Industrial and CASALS. We have offices in Italy, Spain, China, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and Panama. The Group has a total of 5 factories and operates through its own subsidiaries or local distributors in more than 90 countries around the world, in the residential, commercial, and industrial ventilation sectors.

Our mission:
“We work to promote quality of life and contribute to social evolution through ecological products that move the air safely and efficiently”

Our values
• Professional ethics
• Passion
• Confidence
• Creativity
• Love for design


WE WORK TO PROMOTE LIFE QUALITY and to contribute to the social evolution through eco-friendly products that move air SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY.


Vortice upholds a corporate policy involving the creation and maintenance of collaborative relations with all stakeholders, based on credibility and mutual trust.

The commitment and initiatives promoted by the company testify to the possibility of creating value and earning solid, lasting success by putting the customer first and making sure every product we release has been thoroughly tested and will perform at the peak of its efficiency.


The Brand


Attilio Pagani founds the company from a small shack in the outskirts of Milan, and the first Vortice logo is born.


The logo is re-designed with the help of the Sella & Bianchi Graphic Design Study.


The company moves to the current headquarters in Zoate. To commemorate this big event Gigi Romeo created a new logo, with the familiar spiral that is still present in today’s design.


The logo is redesigned by STZ advertising, giving it a modern look that is still in use today.



It all began in a garage, in Viale Montenero, Milan, where Attilio Pagani created the first Vortice
ventilator out of scrap parts.


Vortice was awarded a Mention of Honour by the jury of the “Compasso d’Oro”. Creation: A. Pagani Design: Dematteis.


Vortice moves into their new headquarters in Tribiano, in the outskirts of Milan, Italy.


Vortice partners with renown designer Marco Zanuso to create their first table fan. This fan’s design went down in history and now resides in the MOMA, New York.


Vortice expands to France, establishing offices in Paris.


The “Bidone Aspiratutto”, which became one of the company’s most successful products, is launched.


Vortice expands to the United Kingdom, establishing offices in Burton on Trent.


Vortice is awarded the “Compasso d’Oro” for excellence in design.


Our Magazine “Il Vortice” is published for the first time. Over 50.000 copies, with 6 issues/year, are sent
to wholesalers, installers, and designers.


The Ariante is launched. A rotating, revolutionary multi-directional table and floor fan line.


Vortice becomes the first company to launch air conditioners in the electrical channel.


The Vario Axial supply and exhaust fans are launched.


The Vort Quadro wall-mounted centrifugal exhaust units are launched


The Lineo in-line mixed flow extractor fans are launched.


The Vort Prometeo heat recovery units are launched.


Vortice expands to Russia, establishing offices in Moscow, Russia


Vortice acquires Loran, a commercial air handling units company.


Vortice expands to China, establishing offices in Shanghai.


Vortice expands to Costa Rica, enabling it to tackle the Latin American market, thanks to offices in San Jose and a warehouse in Panama.


Vortice opens a factory and new offices in Changzhou, China.


Vortice Group acquires Casals, thus reinforcing the product offer and providing one of the most complete ventilation catalogs of the industry.